June 23, 2017

Duke Campus

Duke University, Durham, NC - (919-684-8111)
Description: outdoor discovery (full sun)
Parking: Bryan Center Parking Deck, $2 per hour
Ages: 0-Adult
Cost: FREE

Hours: sunrise to sunset
Notes: With 8,610 acres to explore, I have focused on Duke West Campus for this entry. West Campus features excellent examples of Collegiate Gothic architecture, including "The Quads" and Duke Chapel. Stepping inside the Duke Chapel is like stepping into a European cathedral. All are welcome, however, make sure the kiddies are fed and have had their naps so they are on their best behavior. It is a quiet atmosphere inside the chapel. There are fewer crowds during late spring and summer months. Most areas are stroller friendly. Walking distance from the Duke Gardens.

Websites: http://map.duke.edu/ and http://www.chapel.duke.edu/visit.html

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